We're in the process of upgrading this site! It will be a while until all content is visible again. In the meantime, check out my blog at or send me a note via the Contact page. Thanks for your patience!

Finally, an update!

I finally updated the content of the galleries! Be sure to check out the Characters section for some fan art cephalopods, including the Avengers and Star Wars.


Hi, everyone! Welcome to Meg Lyman Illustration.

The site is still under construction. The content (like art and merchandise) is still being populated, so you may see some broken links. Keep checking back for updates - I intend to add a bit more content each day.

This new site is set up to accept user accounts to facilitate commenting and purchasing. Please create an account and test everything out! If you find anything weird or broken or see something I could improve, send me a note via the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep coming back and see the site grow!


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